5 Actions Draining Drink with Baobab - Pineapple Flavour, 500 ml


PURO Drenante 5 Azioni combines the properties of highly selected ingredients in a single extra-strong but absolutely natural formula, designed to offer all the effectiveness of its five active ingredients. Its pleasant taste turns taking the product into a pleasant daily gesture.

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PURO Drenante 5 Azioni is a unique dietary supplement formulated with the highest quality ingredients specially selected to deliver a powerful draining action. Its extra-strong formula is designed to combine the properties of five active ingredients to ensure superior efficacy compared to similar products. The pleasant taste makes taking the product a pleasant part of your daily routine, helping you to keep your body healthy and well. Choose PURO Drenante 5 Azioni for a complete and natural draining action.

Product Details
03 301

Data sheet

FeatureAgainst heavy legs
Bowel regularity
Digestive function
Hepatic function
Purifying function
Reduce cellulite blemishes
Reduces abdominal bloating
Dosage information

Dilute 20 ml of the product in half a litre of water and drink throughout the day

Average content


per maximum daily dose (20ml)

Birch e.s.100mg
Baobab Powder80mg
Pineapple e.s.40mg
Centella e.s.40mg

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