Epilady Duo - Rechargeable Dual-Head Epilator


The new Duo series is the latest addition to Epilady's ever-expanding and evolving product line. With two heads and two motors, Duo Rechargeable ensures the power and efficiency of two epilators in one easy-to-use unit. Duo's curved heads are designed to fit the body shapes, making it easier to epilate the most difficult areas, such as the back of the knee and underarms.

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Duo Rechargeable can be used with or without cable, which makes it perfect to use it at home or while traveling. Thanks to an autonomy of approximately 40 minutes per charge, Duo should guarantee the right amount of time needed for two complete epilations without plugging in. Have you run out of battery power and you still need to remove hairs on the other leg? No need to pause and recharge the epilator: you just need to plug into a power socket and continue where you stopped.

Like all our tweezers, the Duo series is suitable for the full body. Use the normal epilation cap when epilating larger areas, such as legs or arms to have faster results. Use the precision cap for smaller and more sensitive areas, such as the face, bikini zone and armpits, or if you are new to hair removal. The precision cap ensures a more controlled and comfortable hair removal. You can easily switch from one cap to the other for smooth and soft skin.

No need to struggle with the tough beard after shaving or wait for hair to grow long enough for waxing: Duo can remove hair as short as 0.5 mm and is equipped with 112 tweezer discs spinning at 112,000 revolutions per minute.

Product Details
26 EP-811-25

Data sheet

Revolutions per minute112,000 rpm

    Dual-head and dual-motor epilator.

    The dual heads keep the epilator always at the best epilation angulation.

    The dual motor gives Duo the power and efficiency of two epilators in one.

    Two operating speeds:

    - a slower speed for thinner hair in delicate areas,

    - faster speed for normal and thick body hair on arms and legs.

    The built-in LED spotlight illuminates the treatment area, making it easier to detect the hairs.

    Massage discs integrated in each epilation head to enhance comfort during epilation .

    Dual voltage power adapter (110V-240V) for practical use abroad.

    Cordless/wired usage. The charge lasts up to 40 minutes: enough time for more than two complete epilations and it can also plugged in electricity.


    The kit includes: Duo rechargeable epilator, precision epilator cap, dual-voltage power cable, cleaning brush, carrying case and instruction manual.

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